APPen for tablets and smart phones


Do you find it’s a struggle nowadays trying to claim back your tablet or smart phone from the kids?  Well the creation of this product is a testament to that common scenario that all parents experience up and down the country.

To save your touch screens from further smudging, this little device enables your child to use the APPen for drawing, playing mini games and learning centered around numbers and letters. 

To connect the device to your tablet or smart phone, simply plug the pen into your head phone socket, download the free app from iTunes or the Google Play market and away your children go.  Slightly touching your screen will be enough to interact with the mini games but when it comes to drawing the pressure sensor button allows you to draw those really thick brush strokes.

The size of the APPen may be a bit big for a standard smart phone but it does have that functionality.  We have been using the APPen on our 10″ Nexus Tablet, which is perfect for when the girls want to have a doodle.  I understand that there are more mini games and learning activities being created for the app, so I’ll be looking forward to any updates.


The pen is a great size for those children who are just learning pen control but it is a bit big for when they can grasp a pen correctly. I like the letter app as it teaches them the correct way to form the letters rather than just how they should look and this is definitely something that both of my girls need help with on some letters.

The drawing app has a fantastic range of drawing materials and colours each having a different effect on the picture and the pressure sensor really allows you to make soft or hard strokes with the different drawing impliments.

This is one of those devices that has good and bad points but I am sure as the App developes and the other parts are released we will see much more playability with this. For now the girls love it and it really is helping them with their pen control both on the tablet and on paper. One good thing, it doesn’t need batteries!

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