Am I allergic to the dentist?

Wednesday afternoon saw me head back to the dreaded dentist for a filling and a deep clean, I hate the dentist going knowing what is going to happen doesn’t help. In fact the experience was relatively painless, it seems I have a good dentist now and not one to be feared. It still wasn’t an enjoyable experience but in the last 48 hours I wouldn’t say it was the worst.

You see Wednesday night I started to come up in Hives, I was just a bit itchy at first but they soon spread and woke me up a few times during the night. I felt really thirsty so at 6:30am I got up to get a drink, well I made it as far as the bedroom door before I collapsed back onto the bed feeling dizzy and feint.

I had to ask Hubby for some help as I suddenly felt nauseous but was unable to stand by myself. All the blood had drained from my face and I was feeling very weak. A couple of pints of water later and Hubby helped me back to bed. I slept through him getting the girls up, I slept through the school run and I slept until about midday. When I woke I could hardly move my joint, the skin on my hands and extremities were tight and swollen. Everywhere I looked my body was covered in big red hives.

I couldn’t keep my eyes open for more than 20 minutes and struggled to eat anything at all.

All this on the day I was supposed to be relaxing at the Spa. Sods law really.

I dosed myself with piriton and I am now half way to feeling normal. I still feel very run down and I have no energy which is why I am not in London at Eurogamer like I should be. I am still quite swollen in places and my skin still feels tight but I feel as though I am coming out of the other end of it.

I tried to work out what I had done differently on Wednesday and the only this I can think of is that I am allergic to the Dentist! Does that give me a good enough excuse not to go back?