1st Fone

When someone told me about the 1st Fone coming to the market I was disgusted. A phone aimed at four to nine year olds! What an outrage. Then I saw one, held one and wanted one.

There were so many times that the ability to phone Elizabeth and find out exactly where she was would have come in useful. mostly in supermarkets, theme parks or on holiday. The phone can only call the preprogrammed numbers, it cant access the internet, it cant send text messages in fact I think it is pretty good.

We took the 1st Fone on holiday to Butlins with us where it attracted a lot of attention from grown ups and children alike. It was an ideal time to test it out as the Butlins site is so large and the girls feel comfortable enough to go their separate ways. They might be comfortable with that but it always puts me a bit on edge, having this phone made it easier. At one point Elizabeth had been gone over ten minutes which is a long time for her to be in the soft play area she said she was going to. I phoned her. She was sat watching the puppet show in castle courtyard and she had a go at me for embarrassing her as I had interrupted the show with the ringing of the phone. Well that told me.

I have also been interested in the different uses for a phone like this. The large buttons would be perfect for physical disabilities and the ease of use would be perfect for learning disabilities. The preprogrammed numbers would be ideal for those who are becoming more forgetful and the lack of current technology is perfect for the older generation. In fact it is such a great all round phone that I wonder why it has never been made before.

I was in my local Age UK charity shop when I found a leaflet for a Age UK My Phone which just shows that we are thinking on the same wave length.

We loved our 1st fone. Its not for everyday use just yet but days out, trips to the supermarket or going on holiday I will make sure we always pack the 1st fone too.