The Smurfs 2


The Smurfs 2 is a video game based on the summer hit film of the same name.  The game doesn’t follow the film exactly but the overall plot is very similar.  It’s starts off with the lovely Smurfette being kidnapped by Gargamel’s new creation “the Naughties”.  Players then take control of their chosen smurf (with each one having their own special ability) and then begin the adventure to rescue her back.

The Smurfs 2 is essentially a good old 2D side scrolling game.  First impressions make it clear that this is a game that was solely designed for young children.  From an adult gamer’s perspective, it’s very easy to complete this game in an afternoon, however, I really enjoyed the presentation of the main title screen and hub area between levels.  Couple this together with the actual narrator from the film and some excellent still drawings during the story telling moments, I was beginning to feel very nostalgic.  The game boasts a 4 player co-op mode, so at least my family and I can all play this game at the same time.  The controls are simple enough, which made it easy for my girls to play without any assistance.  With each level you complete there is an end boss fight that rewards you with unlocking another playable smurf.

Although this is a licensed game it doesn’t look or feel as bad others.  I personally liked the graphics and thought they were well polished for a children’s game.  With Christmas nearly upon us why not treat your little one to both the film and game as one present, which I’m sure will go down very well if they’re into The Smurfs.