The best smartphone games for busy mums

Being a parent can be tiring at times, can’t it? In order to look after both our physical and mental health so we can be the best parent we can possibly be, we all need a break from time to time. One of the common ways in which many busy mums switch off these days is through a smartphone application, with many mobile users now utilising the mobile gaming package that has dramatically improved in recent times.

Most of the top mobile games are designed to be picked up and put down throughout the day, therefore providing mothers with a casual gaming option that can be fired up with ease as and when it suits them. Alongside the top downloadable products in the App Store and through Google Play, mobile gamers are now exploring an array of browser games, too, from popular slot titles like Starburst to Hero Wars. Additionally, there are story games, brain training releases, and even a growing trend of console-quality products making the jump over to mobile. Put simply, gaming on a miniature handheld device has never been so good.

Given the fact that the vast majority of us own a smartphone in today’s tech-obsessed environment, gaming on a mobile phone is an accessible option. Most of the games don’t cost much or are free-to-play also, providing a cheap and cheerful way to enjoy a range of titles in one place. If you’re keen to explore mobile gaming during some much-needed downtime, then let’s take a look at some of the best releases for busy mums.

Candy Crush Saga

Despite being released in 2012, Candy Crush Saga is still going strong in 2022. A free-to-play tile-matching masterpiece that is one of the most iconic mobile games ever released, it is capable of keeping you entertained for hours on end as you aim to master your strategy, progress through the levels, and record high scores.

Pokemon Go

One you can get the family involved in, Pokemon Go is a great game to play if you occasionally switch off with a walk in a local park or a run around the block. Thanks to its innovative augmented reality feature, you can explore an outdoor environment and catch Pokemon in this fun and easy to grasp release. Along the way, you can evolve certain catches, battle against rival mums, complete a variety of quests, and enjoy the exploration aspect of Niantic’s inventive product.

Fruit Ninja

A screen-swiping favourite for so many, Fruit Ninja tasks players with cutting as much fruit up as possible, all while dodging the bombs that occasionally pop up. Offering three original game modes and a variety of blades and dojos to select from, this simple but highly entertaining game is well worth sampling. Can you beat your high score?

Genshin Impact

If you’re keen to branch out a bit and play a more advanced game, then Genshin Impact is the perfect place to start. Offering stunningly beautiful visuals and an engaging storyline, you’ll enjoy the exploration aspect of this mightily impressive mobile gaming product.

Jigsaw Puzzles Epic

On occasions, finding a cosy corner with a biscuit or two and a casual puzzle release is the perfect antidote to a stressful day. Jigsaw Puzzles Epic certainly fits the bill in that respect, as players enjoy the therapeutic nature of tackling puzzles from the comfort of their own phone. With a wide variety of puzzle themes to choose from, Jigsaw Puzzles Epic will certainly keep you busy.

Other mobile games worth playing include 8 Ball Pool, Mario Kart Tour, Roll the Ball, Tetris, Stick Hero, Alto’s Adventure, and Two Dots.