Teddy Together available now on 3DS

Watching kids TV channels (not by choice obviously) you invariably see adverts that make your child want that particular item.  Teddy Together for the Nintendo 3DS was something that Elizabeth said she definitely wanted. The 30-second advert gave me the impression that it would be another Nintendog experience, however, I subsequently learned that this was a localisation of a Japanese game called Kuma Tomo, which bodes well if the game was able to capture the attention of casual Japanese gamers.

teddy together case

Surprisingly, the game has an opening story, which sets the tone for the rest of the experience.  A toy bear is anonymously delivered to your front door, he turns out to be quite intelligent, and you immediately become friends and begin the long journey of getting to know each other.  Also, the bear in this Tamagotchi style game can be taught to speak new words.  Yes, it’s the same squeaky voice from Tomodachi Life, but the technology works, so it’s still impressive.

teddy together status

Daily interaction with your Teddy will consist of taking part in fun mini-games, which earns currency to spend on customising your childs new best friend or seeds to help grow your garden, which Teddy just loves helping water every day.  Feeding your bear is probably the most entertaining aspect, because if the food is too hot for your little guy’s mouth, be prepared to blow into the microphone in order to cool it down.  You can also scan amiibo characters to unlock more customisable items, however, remember that you need an NFC reader if you don’t already own the “new” 3DS system.

teddy together food

There’s not much new here for your avid 3DS player that hasn’t already been seen, however, I’m sure there are plenty of little girls who would adore having this bear on their system.  Teddy Together is available to buy now (just in time for the summer holidays!) from all the usual retailers and can be found on Amazon for £34.00.  The game is also available for download from the Nintendo eShop and rated PEGI 3.

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