PlayStation 4


Let me set the scene, after about 3 hours of motorway driving I arrived back in Manchester at 11:30 pm and had to carry the kids up to their beds.  We had just been away from home for the Christmas period, so we were all feeling pretty tired and wanting our own beds.  Before turning in for the night I was doing some last minute pottering, when the missus corners me in the kitchen to say that she has a surprise for me and she would feel guilty if I didn’t get to open it now rather than on my birthday (9th January).

You see it was a running joke over the festive period that none of my presents resembled a box containing a PS4.  I honestly thought that due to price and availability I wouldn’t be getting one till next Christmas.  So I did as she asked and ventured in the front room to find another present that this time did resemble the PS4 I sorely craved.  Obviously my initial reaction was utter happiness, however that quickly turned to disappointment as I thought about how tired I was to stay awake for a proper first play.  Still that didn’t stop me opening the box for a quick set-up and initial update.  I think it was about 1:30 am before I rolled into bed.  I’ll admit I did get a bit engrossed playing a bit of Lego Marvel Super Heroes and Killzone Shadow Fall.

Because there are so many talking points for the PlayStation 4, I have split the review into 4 separate posts, which are linked below:

The Console

The Controller

PlayStation App

Remote Play

If you are still looking to purchase a PS4 post Christmas, then you will have to act fast as demand is still high.