PlayStation 4 – The Console

The Console

The new PlayStation 4 is an amazing piece of technology and quite ground breaking in terms of how the developers can create games.  Surprisingly the console is small and light, probably the same size as a PS3 slim.  Like the PS3, the console uses Blu-ray discs that render games in full 1080p HD.  Owners also receive a 500GB hard drive as standard but may find it quickly being filled with game data.  I soon found out that even though I had Killzone Shadow Fall on disc, the game still required me to install 40GB of data on the hard drive.  I assume this is to assist the console’s performance when loading the masses of new texture being displayed.  It will get better though the more developers become use to working with the system and being able to utilise the 16 layer 400GB Blu-ray discs.  Fortunately, unlike the Xbox One, Sony has given users the ability to upgrade their hard drive should it become too full.

The PlayStation 4 is able to connect to the internet through WiFi or an Ethernet port, and also has Bluetooth connectivity and two USB ports.  You’ll be pleased to hear that you can download updates even when the console is turned off by using the new “Suspend Mode”, which essentially places the console into a low power state, thereby allowing gamers to immediately resume playing their last game when awoken.

There is now an auxiliary port for connecting up your PlayStation Camera, which the missus bought for me but I’ll be giving that it’s own separate review with The Playroom App.  The power and disc eject button are again touch sensitive, which may be a insignificant to some but is welcomed by the geek in me because it gives the console that quality feel.  I also love the LED light that runs down the centre on top of the console that also changes colour depending on what it’s doing at that time.  Please note though that the PS4 has lost the ability to connect to old school TV’s via a component cable but I hardly think that’s great loss given that nearly every household now has HD ready TV’s.