Mario Party: Star Rush

Few video game companies today still embrace the concept of local multiplayer. Fortunately, Nintendo is one of those who creates games for friends they will get together on the sofa.  The Mario Party series has a long history with both home and handheld consoles, so it’s always a challenge for Nintendo to bring something new to each iteration. We were recently sent the Mario Party: Star Rush 3DS game.


The great thing about Mario Party games is that it’s a virtual board game, with the overall aim to get from start to finish in order to be the overall winner.  Along the way though are plenty of mini games that earn players points.  Anyone can play this type of game, so it’s great for all the family.


Mario Party Star Rush though is for the 3DS console, so if you want a 4 player game, you’ll all need a 3DS.  With Nintendo’s ‘Download Play’ feature, a underused feature in my opinion, at least only one of the 4 players needs to actually own the game cartridge.  Simply pay a visit to the eShop and download a demo version on each console and the other 3 players are still able to have some multiplayer fun.  Please note though that there are 2 versions for Download Play.  The first is the basic version and allows access to the modes for Toad Scramble, Balloon Bash and Coinathlon, including the ability to play every mini-game.  The second Download Play opens up the remaining modes and is called the ‘Party Guest Edition’.  You’ll be able to take part in Rhythm Recital, Mario Shuffle, Boo’s Block Party and Challenge Tower.

Whatever mode you opt to play, there are plenty of mini-games to keep you going in single player and multiplayer. Sometimes you can win based on skill, but others are left to lady luck.  If you really wanna tip the odds in your favour, using the sometimes forgotten amiibo functionality will unlock additional items or power-ups.  To speed up navigation around the board, players no longer take individual turns. Simultaneous turns result in more frantic play for coins and acquiring support characters, which are great for increasing the number of spaces you can cover.


If you’re seriously considering Mario Party Star Rush for the 3DS owner in your household, you can’t look past the unique offering for local multiplayer.  There have been a few changes made to the normal Mario Party gameplay, but it’s a refreshing change that takes play in a good direction.  Star Rush is available from most game retailers and is currently listed on Amazon at £27.00.  The game is also available for download from the Nintendo eShop.