Invizimals: The Alliance


I’m sure parents are tired of seeing their young ones playing as a soldier mowing down hundreds of people, so they’ll be pleased to see a game that’s been created with a younger audience in mind.

Invizimals originally debuted on the PSP system but now it has been released on the PS Vita and PS3, however, it’s the PS Vita version that my girls and I have been playing recently. I was really looking forward to playing this game as it makes full use of those cool features that makes the PS Vita so unique, such as the rear touchpad, camera and AR cards.

When I first heard about Invizimals and what it would be like on the PS Vita, I immediately thought it sounded like carbon copy of Pokemon.  The difference between the two though has got to be their respective stories, which is about tiny little creatures that live all around us but you can only see them through your PS Vita’s camera.  So I really enjoyed the fact that my girls and I were having to move around the living room rather than cabbaged on the sofa.

Players become part of an Invizimals conservation team that sets out to protect the creatures from a corporation that is destroying their natural habitat.  In a nut shell, it’s down to the player to find out what’s going on and build up enough of an Invizimal stable to defeat all challengers in battle.

It’s was amusing to hear that the tutorials were narrated by Brian Blessed, a lovely man whose voice is sure to make children laugh.  When you’re not battling to capture different creatures, the story is progressed by through full motion cut-scenes.  When capturing the Invizimals you will first have to locate them using an AR and another action such as making a noise or using the camera to find something red.  Once you have successfully located the Invizimal you will then receive a tutorial video on how to defeat the creature (almost like a mini game), thereby enabling you to complete the capture and add the Invizimal to your collection.

The game becomes more immersive once you start to customise your Invizimals.  Not only can you change it’s name (my Tigershark is called Dave) but you can also change their colour and upgrade their special abilities.  Obviously the more you battle, the more XP and increased health bar your Invizimal will earn.

Any young gamers out there who already have a PS Vita should look at getting this game and those that are planning on getting one should purchase this game as part of their bundle.  As a 27 year old gaming veteran I’ve had lots of fun playing this game, especially on long train journeys where my constant moving around of the PS Vita has attracted strange looks.