Pokemon Art Academy


Are there any budding young artists out there who love Pokemon and own a 3DS or 2DS?  Well the popular Art Academy franchise has released a new game that will have you using your stylus to create all your favourite Pokemon from Pikachu to Charazard.

The game provides you with 40 lessons over three courses (Novice, Apprentice and Graduate) that will teach you how to paint, sketch and draw different Pokemon characters.  Suprisingly there is a story to the game, which has you enrolled in the Pokemon Art Academy in order to create drawings for Pokemon cards.  At the end of each lesson you can see your drawing on a mock up Pokemon card, which I thought was very cool and made me want to continue drawing.  Also, what you learn from the lessons can be transferred on to paper, so it’s a good way to help your children (and adults!) unlock potential they never knew they had.

All your drawings can be saved onto the SD card, so you can go back and review your masterpieces or even share them with other Pokemon Art Academy Players online through Nintendo’s Miiverse platform.  You can also take pictures with the 3DS camera and import them to the game in order to create newer drawings using all available tools.

Pokemon Art Academy is a game that is definitely going to appeal to any Pokemon fans out there.  My two girls, who are 6 & 4, found it easy to draw their favourite characters using the easy templates and simple undo button if they weren’t too happy.  In comparison to other new games this won’t break your wallet and it provides hours of enjoyment, with something tangible at the end to take away from the experience.