The many ways I procrastinate online

I am sure you know the feeling the to do list is getting longer and longer but you keep finding that your time online is disappearing. So where exactly does the time go? Maybe the clock on the computer runs faster than other clocks?

I was looking at the ways that time disappears on me and found that I have a certain habit when it comes to putting the laptop on and this routine actually wipes out at least 30 minutes of my time straight away.

I automatically check my blog email address plus three others, I check the news, Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook – This alone can kill the majority of my day with my news feed and loads of separate groups. I can’t ignore them though as they bring in so many opportunities as well as fabulous conversation.

Twitter  – This takes less of my time now although I wish I had more to give to it as it used to be such a great source of fun.

Emails  – Sometimes I am sat waiting for an email to come through for ages and then other days it is crazy. Keeping track of all the different projects and reviews as well as continuing the relationships I have already built is in itself a full time job and it is also a never ending job. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have an email starred for action.

Games- Although I am managing to avoid the obvious pitfall of Candy Crush I do find playing bingo online is a huge time waster of mine. Just yesterday I wasted a lot of time on my computer as I like to play no deposit bingo and I managed to play from 11am until 3pm. No wonder I didn’t even get dressed yesterday (although I blamed my migraine).

Amazon – A site that sells everything is an online window shoppers dream and I cant help myself sometimes. It doesn’t matter what I am looking for I always check there first and then end up thinking of lots of other things to check too.

Blogging – Some posts can come flowing out like this one, other posts are harder, they require more concentration. Its like some of the review posts. I find I can write some in minutes and others stay on my to do list until I really can’t put them off any longer. The thing is that now I work from home and have to spend a certain amount of time doing client work it is becoming harder and harder to keep in top of my blog and I find that I am writing less and less personal posts. It is something I really want to work on over the coming weeks.

Although I do find that I procrastinate a lot I have also found that since the beginning of the year I have been really organised thanks to my Stick to Stigu planner. It means that I can only put so much work in to each day which makes it a lot more manageable and I also move things to the days or weeks that I need to do them so rather than face one big long to do list I can just take one day at a time.  It doesnt leave much time for procrastination but atleast I know what needs doing when.

Where do you procrastinate on the internet?