‘You’re still the one I run too’ – Spending time alone together

Kirsty Baker is a busy mum of five and a bank clerk. She also enjoys crafts and is a keen supporter of Liverpool FC.

Do you remember what you did on date nights? Many parents lead increasingly busy lives looking after their kids and forget to spend time alone with their partner. Spending quality time alone together can help to remind you of why you start your home life and make your relationship grow stronger. Some parents struggle to find ideas to spend time alone. Here are some suggestions to make your time out alone special and memorable:

Have a candlelit dinner

Arrange a baby sitter and head to your favourite restaurant for a candlelit dinner to celebrate special occasions like wedding anniversary and birthday. Complete the romantic atmosphere with a nice bottle of champagne and a dessert. Buy a meaningful gift for your partner, or show them you care even more by making one.

Have a date in your garden

Prepare a delicious picnic and lay down a large blanket in your garden. Cuddle up together and enjoy the sun and fresh air. Flowers and nice music can create a romantic mood. Take a few photographs of just the two of you.
Walk down memory lane

The best way to reconnect is to go back to those activities you did when you first started dating. Memories of good times will come flooding back. You may fall in love with your partner all over again.

Get fit together

Do you crave time to exercise? Both of you can incorporate exercise into your routine by being active together. Go for a run or hit the gym when your kids sleep. Join a fitness club that offers free childcare.

Create your own home spa

If you don’t want to spend money on a visit to the spa (surely your partner is worth it, though!), why not turn your home into a spa? A few aromatic oils, butters, body milks, some mud mask and a brush and you can pamper yourself at home. You save on petrol too!

Watch a match

If you’re a die-hard sports fan, head to a game of football or other live sporting event. Nothing beats the thrill of seeing your team win a game, and the two of you can feed off the feel-good vibe that a victory brings, not to mention the togetherness of being with fellow supporters. Wear your team’s jersey or colours — maybe you can put each other’s names on that of your partner. Don’t forget to cheer for your team!

Text your love

Send each romantic text messages. Alternatively, go old school and phone each other during the day with a few sweet nothings down the receiver. For that extra romantic touch, you can leave little love notes lying around the house (but don’t let the kids see them!).

Spending time alone can be hard to come by if you have young children. Plan ahead and have someone you trust look after the kids for a while, such as good ole Gran! Just a few hours a week alone together can reinforce the bond you share for the rest of your lives.

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