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Learn to read with the Alphablocks Letter Teams.

I love the girls watching anything that will help them learn and to be fair most children’s programmes now have some subliminal message hidden deep inside them. Whether it is learning to count, identifying colours and shapes or gaining social and emotional skills all the programs on channels like Cbeebies are well thought out.

One of my favourite programs has to be the Alphablocks. It is such a simple concept, the letters each make the correct phonetic sound and use words that mostly begin with their letter. The words made by joining Alphablocks together come alive on the screen. Simple really. What I really love is how each volumn has got harder. Early years children are always taught certain letters first and then gradually the harder ones are added in along with the blended sounds. With 42 main phonetic sounds to learn it goes way past the basic alphabet and is a fantastic first step into reading.

After Phonics Next step taught the children the more complicated individual letter sounds like j, y, z and x Letter teams brings in like sh, oo, ch and th.

The girls have loved watching all three volumes and its one of those dvds you don’t mind them putting on again and again as the more they watch the more they learn.

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