Disney Infinity


Yes I am one of those sad people who can’t wait to get my hands on the latest toy especially when that toy is Disney and includes amazing technology and allows the whole family to play. I have been desperate to get my hands on Disney Infinity since we played it at the Argos Christmas in July event. They only had the toy box facility available for us to demo but the girls loved it and I really like the idea of collecting additional features through playing the game.

OK so it is not grown up gaming but then who really expecting it to be. It is awesome and I can happily spend ages setting up the perfect toy box for the girls to run around on or get lost in one of the play sets for a few hours. We now own eleven characters and we will continue to collect the others. We also have a notification set up on Amazon for when the princesses, Wreck it Ralph and the Toy Story figures become available.

I will be writing a more indepth review soon on all the different parts of the game but for now I am too busy playing it to take time out to write about it.