Why functional can be fun

When you are a Mum, you can find yourself thinking of everything in a practical and no nonsense way. But not everything has to be this clear cut; it is possible to have things that are functional and fun from days out, to clothes and furniture choices. Not convinced? Read on for some advice on putting the fun back into functional.

Day Trips

Let’s face it family days out are expensive so it is easy to become focused on the value of the trip, both in monetary terms and in terms of what you as a family are going to get out of it. But educational trips don’t have to mean dragging your unwilling brood around old fashioned establishments.

There are a new breed of fun, interactive museums aimed at engaging children in cultural, Art or educational experiences. From the kids corners at Tate art galleries to The Deep aquarium that was designed specifically for children. There are lots of places where the children will be having so much fun, they won’t realise they are learning too.


It is easy to fall into the cycle of buying your families clothes at Primark or the local supermarket to get clothes on a budget that are easily replaceable. But this isn’t necessarily the best way to help your family develop a personal style that reflects each individual’s own taste.

Instead, try experimenting by visiting second hand and charity shops. You can still get clothes on a budget keeping it a practical choice but you honestly don’t know how much fun can be had in a second hand shop until you visit one. You can try on unusual clothes and experience something other than current high street fashion allowing you develop your own sense of expression through your clothes. Plus there are always items to add to the dressing up box too.


All too often family houses look like replicas of each other, as parents try and get the best priced furniture that will withstand family life, often resorting to flat pack mega stores. However, you can get functional, well built furniture on a budget at plenty of other places like the Trade Furniture Company who stock a wide range of furniture from reclaimed goods to industrial style furniture and all at decent prices.

Don’t look like an identikit family, find your own groove with creative thinking to make sure all your family choices are functional of course but also really good fun.

Victoria Harrison is a mother of three and ‘home zoo’ manager; when she isn’t surrounded by kids and animals she writes for online audiences on a range of topics. Passionate about her home and family, she aims to share her knowledge and experiences and make a few friends along the way.

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