Urgent Appeal for help #LostTeddy

After a lovely family afternoon treating the kids after a rather tortuous clinic appointment at the hospital in the morning the day has been ruined. We have lost a beloved family member and Alison is distraught.
Alison loves cuddly cow so much, he was a present to her from my little brother a few Christmas’s ago. He only came from the poundshop but he is worth so much more to her. Cuddly cow has been there through everything, he kept her safe when I was in the hospital and he held her hand on her first day at school. He has even had minor operations himself to ensure he stayed stuffed. More browny pink than bright pink he is definitely in need of a good wash but we love him all the same.

Unfortunately today he ran away.

Somewhere in Manchester City Centre Cuddly Cow is more than likely doing some late night shopping.

So I have turned to twitter in the hopes that someone somewhere will know where he is and help us reunite Alison and Cuddly Cow back together again.

To help in this search below is a list of all the places we have been today since we last saw Cuddly Cow. If you know someone who works in one of these places please ask them if they have seen Cuddly Cow, he may of been hiding until closing time you never know.

Nationwide Building Society – Cross Street
The Entertainer – Arndale Centre
The Lego Store – Arndale Centre
The Disney Store – Arndale Centre
Nandos – Arndale Centre
Poundland – Arndale Centre
ELC – Arndale Centre
WH Smith – Arndale Centre
Build a bear Workshop – Arndale Centre
Starbucks (near build a bear workshop) – Arndale Centre
CEX – Arndale Centre

We parked near Afflecks palace so the road from the Arndale to Afflecks too

We have dug out all the phone numbers so will be calling in the morning
in the hopes that they can be reunited by tomorrows bedtime.

Wish me luck!

By Laura Seaton