Who did I look up to?

Sometimes there is a campaign in the media that really makes you think, for me Dove have always been able to do that. The most memorable one for me was the real beauty campaign where they had women from all ages, races and sizes strip off and feel proud to be themselves. This years campaign is all about Self-Esteem and one of the interesting things that came out of this was that young girls are looking to their Mum to be their role model more than they look to celebrities and I believe that this is as it should be.

My mum was and still is an inspiration to me. My mum is very confident both in personality and with her looks. Yes she has been on diets (haven’t we all) but its always to be healthier, it is never about wanted to lose weight to look better and I really admire that. I never looked at celebrities and wished to be like them but I always say I would be happy to look like my mum when I am her age.

I have an ex who used to say he would be happy to be with me when I am old if I looked like my mum

So as my mum has complained in the past about not being in a photo on my blog here you go. Not bad for an old bird is she? (hehe sorry mum)


Dove have kindly donated a set of toiletries to my prize draw, no other compensation has been received and all thoughts are my own.