I want your opinions

When I was looking for childcare for my girls I wanted them to be somewhere safe and secure, somewhere loved and cared for but I also wanted a professional service. I knew I would be paying for them to attend and if I am paying for something I want to know what I am getting for my money. A childminder in my eyes needed to have the correct mix of the professionalism of a nursery but with the comfort of being at home. That is one of the reasons I didnt find a childminder that suited me. There was only one childminder who collected from my chosen school and I didnt think that they were professional enough to teach as well as nurture my children. She even said herself that she doesnt really follow the EYFS and only does enough to pass inspection.

Anyway that is a whole tangent to what this post is about, I have built my childminding website called Laugh and Learn Childcare and I want to know from you that when looking online for childcare do you want lots of information prior to contacting them or woud you prefer less information so you could contact them to find out more?

Personally I think the more I know the better I can judge before contacting someone and wasting my time but some people seem to think too much information is bad. Please do give me your opinions and I would love to find the right balance and everyone is different.