What would you pay?

Yesterday we had a letter from school. Elizabeth’s class are off to the local museum. With the coach fare and a special talk they are having they expect it to cost £6 per child, they are asking for a voluntary donation of £3 per child.

We are not in an affluent area but I know quite a few parents who wont bother paying it. After all the letter does say voluntary doesn’t it? I think it is bad enough that the school know that some parents won’t pay because they cant afford it but if you can surely you should pay it or as I prefer pay the full amount. 

Our school doesn’t have a huge amount of money to spend but they always help out with the cost of these school trips.

Whenever we have one I always make the point of paying the full amount and not just the smaller voluntary contribution. I don’t need help to pay for the school trips so I would rather they used that money for those children that do. Personally i think they should put the full price on the letter and then those parents who have difficulty can speak to the school about it. I think that way more people who can afford it will pay it.

What does your school do for School trips? What would you pay in these circumstances?