Daddy, I’m a Zombie 2 on DVD

We have not seen “Daddy, I’m a Zombie” before but that was not a problem as the dvd we received showed a brief overview of the first film anyway which really helped us to understand what was going on.

Daddy I’m a Zombie 2 is set just when everything was going so perfectly for Dixie back at school. However her old zombie friends, Gonner and Isis, show up with bad news: The wicked Nebulosa is leading the zombies in a rebellion against all mortals so that she can finally achieve her dream of conquering the world. As bearer of the magical Azoth, only Dixie can stop her, but in a final battle between zombies and mortals, which side will Dixie ultimately choose?

Well I am not going to tell you what happened as I would hate to spoil it for you but the girls really enjoyed it and this would be a perfect film for halloween.

Released on DVD and Double Pack on 6th October 2014 ‘DADDY, I’M A ZOMBIE 2, DIXIE SAVES THE DAY!’ is the perfect fun, family-friendly film for this Halloween!