What the Saatchi Bill means to doctors

I was speaking to Elizabeth’s consultant yesterday regarding the Saatchi Bill that I went to London to support on Monday. He was unaware of it but was really interested to hear more. My consultant Dr Rob Wynn works in paediatric haematology at royal Manchester Childrens Hospital and has done since 1998. He specialises in blood and marrow transplantation and I could not have asked for a better consultant.

He has seen a lot of things in his time and he was explaining how they deal with difficult cases. One patient who was diagnosed on the same day as Elizabeth ended up displaying with ALL and AML. This was unheard off and there was no standard protocol to treat him with. Dr Wynn and other specialists from across lots of different hospitals would discuss cases like this on a Month if not more urgent basis and make decisions. They risk themselves by stepping out of standard protocol. He admitted that by doing this he opens himself up to law suits but by not doing it he would have to watch a child die. In this case the results were fantastic and the boy in question is doing amazing and is back at school just like Elizabeth.

These doctors currently do what the Saatchi bill wishes to make law. They want doctors to feel comfortable in making these choices to treat a patient and cure them even when faced with these challenges.

Some doctors will take the risks. They care so much for their patients and are so involved that they wont stop until things work in the way they want them to work. These amazing life saving doctors need the support of the legal system to allow them to continue to save lives by taking sensible risks and giving patients the chance at living.

Please continue to support the #SaatchiBill on twitter. It is being read in the House of Commons again on 18th October and we need it to go through. Without this bill there will be no cure from cancer, standard protocol does not allow that.