Ranty Friday. I know I am a tourist but I am not stupid!

In a few weeks we are taking the girls to Disneyland Paris. The christian Lewis Trust have arranged for us to stay in newton bay for two nights with access to the park for three days. We have had to find the money for the flights, insurance and transfers.

We had to book flights from Luton to save money and get a good amount of time in the parks and they came to around £300 for the four of us which I thought was quite reasonable. I managed after a long time searching to find and insurance company that would cover Elizabeth without us having to sell all of our possessions and then it came to the transfers. For some reason I expected it to be fairly cheap. The train only takes 10 minutes from the airport to Disneyland.

I could not believe my eyes when our return train fares for the four of us just set me back £96 and that was cheap! The buses, taxi’s and all of the other types of transport were coming in at even more than that.

I could not believe it and completely believe that if I lived in France and used a french website it would be a lot cheaper but because I am obviously a tourist visiting a tourist attraction then they decided to rob me before we even arrive on the park.

Now we have to save even more money to give us something to spend when we arrive!

If you have ever been and can give us some tips on where to go and where to eat that would be cool.

I am linking up with Mummy Barrows Ranty Friday because this sort of thing really annoys me.