What is the O2 arena like?

As a northern living southerner I have not yet visited the O2 arena but it is looking likely that I might have to this year.

We really want to see Disney on Ice but now we have our Disneyland Paris weekend booked we realised it clashes with the Manchester tour dates. The only other option for us would be to catch it whilst we spend some time over Christmas with my mum.

I have tried to find some pictures of what it looks like inside and what the seating arrangements are like to help me plan for Elizabeth’s mobility issues. In Manchester I have to get help to get her to her seat due to the steep steps and this is something that I need to arrange in advance.

I was looking on the website and I was surprised about all the different things that have going on. I mean who would think to visit the O2 arena for tennis? or children’s theatre? I mean one day you can watch Rod Stewart and the next see Iggle Piggle dancing on a green stage.

I always thought of it as a massive music venue I suppose without much thought for other things that were held there.

Have any of you been to the O2 for Disney on Ice? Can you help me with the layout?