Sick of sports

The season is over, United won the trophy and Hubby enjoyed gloating that once again Liverpool were crap but what I want to know is why Football is still on my TV!!!

I was nice enough to give Hubby the sports channels in return for me getting the movie channels but our monthly TV bill is now over £90 because it also includes my awful broadband and my unused home phone line.

Its a lot of money to pay out every month just for the tv channels we watch and seen as I tether to my phone or use my mobile broadband more than I use my household broadband it really does seem like poor value for money.

I do love Sky, I like the variety of channels and I love the childrens channels that are available and seen as our house is unable to get Virgin I have to stick with it. What I need though is somewhere where I can get the best sky deals. I need to reduce my costs whilst still keeping the fabulous channels. The small amount of money earned from this post will not make much of a dent so maybe I should just cancel Sky sports until the beginning of next season? Maybe I should cancel the movies too and just go down to the cheapest package I can get and then pay as and when we want to watch something?

Its not that we can’t afford to pay the bills, it juts seems like a ridiculous amount of money and once we get used to not having all the channels I am sure it won’t be that much of a problem.

What do you think? Could you do with just the bare minimum tv channels? Do you just have freeview? Is this a luxury that is not too expensive to continue?