Wet weather den making

The weather is miserable and that can only mean one thing, the kids are bored. It seems that they have watched all the dvds, played all the games and they have no toys. Now as grown ups we obviously know this to not be true but after a few hours of moaning I decided it was time to let them do something more fun than clean their rooms.

Thanks to Philips who sent us a Den Making kits the girls managed to keep themselves busy for a couple of hours building, destroying and rebuilding a variety of dens. They loved using their Disney Projector lamps to see the scenes on the side of the den too.

It was a castle, a house, a boat, a train, Santa’s sleigh and a lot more. Its amazing how something so simple got their imaginations going.
Philips did some research into den making and they found that Making dens inspires UK children’s imagination more than watching TV or playing computer games.

  • 86% of children aged 5-10 have created a den
  • 60% of children create dens to imagine they are somewhere or somebody else
  • 31% said making dens was more fun than just watching a TV/playing a computer games
  • 47% of parents invest more time redecorating their kids’ room than any other space at home