We are starting to stink #LoveyourAppliance

Two months with you and we feel your loss
the cubicle is growing all sorts of moss
the hot running water, the bliss that we felt
how lovely and fresh we always smelt
My hair is greasy, yukky and lank
I look like crap lets be frank
washing my hair and body in a sink
I’ll never be clean, I’m starting to stink
A bath is too much of a pain every day
but i’m starting to think there is no other way.
The hassle the time the not feeling clean
Why did you break, your ever so mean
I know I didn’t appreciate you every day
I know I took you for granted I am sorry to say
But I need to back I need you fixed
the hot and cold water nicely mixed
I need to feel the water coursing over my head
to feel nice and clean when I jump into bed
five minutes it took to sort myself out
from zombie to awake  I just didnt doubt
but now shower we miss you we need you so bad
just start working now I will not be mad
A bath doesnt cut it with kids in the house
sharing with boats, a duck and even a mouse
To turn you on, nice and warm and shut the door tight
feel the water and forget everything not in sight

Its not just the cleaning that you do the best
but the peace and quiet the short time of rest
away from the children my own little space
The shower is my nice relaxing place
I am being so patient but its taking so long
Hubby and I are starting to smell strong
because by washing my hair and body in a sink
I’ll never be clean, I’m starting to stink

This blog post is my  entry into the Tots100/PartSelect ’Love Your Appliance’ competition. I wasn’t 100% sure that my electric shower would count as an appliance but as appliances make your life easier and as having my electric shower broken has certainly done the opposite then I figured that would be a good enough reason. I do however know that if I lost the ability to make coffee that would be even more of a disaster but thankfully I have a few backups for that and if it comes to microwaving a jug of water to make a brew then I would happily do so.