Top Trumps Turbo


With six different games this is definitely more complicated than a standard game of Top Trumps but Top Trumps Turbo is a whole new way to play. Fill up your Top Trumps score bar with pegs to initiate the turbo final and battle it out to be the winner.

There are six Turbo mini-games on the spinner: Head to head, My Pack, Shoot out, Hi Lo, Steal a peg and win 2 pegs.
Each of the different games allow you to play for a different number of pegs and play against a different amount of opponents from one player to all play. Two of the mini games like steal a peg and win 2 pegs are not even games but allow you to increase your  peg count by either stealing from another player or taking them from the peg bag.

When playing the two player games they have prevented the other players from getting bored by only allowing each player 3 cards each. This allows play to quickly resume.

With six packs of cards included in the box you have toys, sports stars, tv, wow, pop stars and movie heroes. You can however replace these packs with any Top trumps that you have so you can each add your favourite pack to the hub. 

The game moves quickly and you soon get the hang of the mini games as the names help your remember the simple rules.

There is also a fantastic top trumps app that you can download too!