Ways to start planning your after party

An after-party is usually arranged after the main celebration to give the event a soft landing towards the end. Most people would have made new acquaintances in the party or event, and others would have just met and in the middle of a heated catch-up. These groups of people will not be happy to hear the bar call last orders. That is why after-parties are scheduled. This article will help you in your quest to plan for your perfect after-party.

Keep the location near

When out looking for probable locations for your after-party event, ensure it is close enough to the main event. Scout the area to find a venue that doesn’t close early and one where you can make special arrangements for your guests. Many people wouldn’t like to lose steam before they finally get to the after-party event venue. Therefore choosing a close location makes sense.

Invite your guests

You don’t have to make an RSVP about the whole thing but you have to find a way to spread the word about the scheduled party. If you have a targeted group, then use assistants to help you to reach the target individuals or you can announce it during the main event. You don’t want to find yourself seeing off the day alone.

Lots of drinks available

People are likely going to need frequent top-ups to sustain their spirit all evening. Therefore, you should provide plenty of drinks. Besides, normal drinks it does help to also have cocktails available. These help to spice up the situation. While at it, it also helps to keep a continuous supply of food. Make it light to avoid the place becoming messy in a short time. You can provide some carbs such as pizza, French fries, etc. these with some late-night appetizers will work just fine.

Make financial arrangements in advance

If you skipped including an after-party budget in the main event budget, ensure you know where the cash to foot the bill shall be sourced from. Being ahead of the situation will help ease the pressure in such a way that you would not be turning to your friends to step in and help.

Plan for transport

An after-party is more or less a mini party after the main event. Therefore, as much as you may want to utilize the resources from earlier on, it can become hectic. Due to such uncertainty, you need to arrange for transport and the security of the place you will be holding the after-party. Since most people are likely to be intoxicated by this point. Ensure that they will be catered for and taken care of if they are unable to drive themselves.

The Bottom Line

An after-party event is like a mini party only that it may turn out better and bigger than the main event. So if you don’t want the guests trickling to other clubs because it is guaranteed, they won’t head home – well, not all of them. You can bring them together again for a party extension into the night. In case you need a specialist, try Engog Entertainment.