Little ones vs learning: How you can be a student and a parent at the same time!

More and more adults are heading back to education than ever before. Whether they want to breathe life into a new career, they seek new skills or now have more time on their hands. Maybe they just want to better themselves and create a life for their kids that’s full of bigger and better prospects. Think of university life and it’s easy to picture parties, drinks and barely making it to lectures on time. But when you’re a mature student with kids of your own, how can you make it work?

Is it really possible to learn and have little ones at home? If you’re looking for ways to study efficiently and be a good parent at the same time. Read on for some helpful advice.

Make things a little easier

Whether you’re writing your thesis, dissertation or submitting papers for weekly assignments, when there’s a lot of writing to be done, it also means there’s a lot of proofreading to take care of. Something which many mature students struggle to dedicate time to. When you invest in a proofreading service, particularly one that specialises in academic submissions – like this one here –  then the time you save can be spent on your children or more studies.

Plan activities for your little ones

Of course, being a parent means you’ve got to be organised, but if you have studies to catch up on and papers to submit, you need to be at the top of your game. When you plan activities for your little ones in advance and have everything set up so they can entertain themselves, it makes life easier for both of you. Keep all their favourite toys and books to hand so they can easily access them, set up playdoh activities or a creative station where they can draw and colour to their heart’s content.

Acknowledge that there’ll be interruptions

Whether they’re struggling with their train set, or they just want a cuddle on your lap. You need to understand and respect the fact that your little one probably doesn’t understand why you’re not completely focused on them right now and give them attention when they need it. If there are specific tasks that need your full attention, then opt to complete those when your children are at school or tucked up in bed.

Ask family to help

Is there an afternoon where a relative could entertain your little one for a couple of hours? Could they come to you? Or how about a nursery setting for a few hours in a morning? Keeping your child’s routine filled will fun and friendly faces will keep them happy and content.

Make sure they know they’re a priority

Don’t head straight for your books when you come home from work. Spend some time with your little ones first. Make family meals all about catching up and spending time together. Then let them know that you need to go and study. They’ll be happy and content with 30 minutes of undivided attention rather than yearning for attention over a longer period.