Unique ideas for your best friend’s birthday

It can sometimes seem pretty amazing that through everything, you and your best friend have remained so close (and without killing each other). So when their birthday rolls around, how do you show your best friend how much you appreciate them?

We’ve come up with a few ideas that we think are the most unique and original, and ones that you definitely won’t have done before.

A box with things to do with your private, personal jokes

One of the best things about your relationship with your best friend is undoubtedly your ability to be able to look at each other, say something completely random and strange and both burst out laughing. Find a cute basket or box and fill it with things that only the two of you will understand, to show just how great your friendship is.

A personalised notebook filled with things that make them special

Most girls love a nice notebook, and you can make a really great gift out of one. Create a photo one and fill it with things she loves. It could be anything like song lyrics, pictures of celebrities, their hobbies, and interests – anything! Use pictures, movie stubs, postcards – anything you can get your hands on that sums her up.

Get a piece of matching jewellery for you both

Matching jewellery instantly says ‘best friends, no matter how old you are. These initial necklaces are adorable and are good if the whole ‘best’ and ‘friends’ necklaces are slightly too young for you. Every girl loves a nice piece of jewellery, and the fact that it will actually mean something too will make it even better.

Fill their room with balloons and attach Polaroids of the two of you to the string

A lovely way to surprise her is to leave something in her home for her to find when she arrives, and one of the best ideas we found is to fill her room with balloons. You can either put messages inside them, and then she has to pop them to retrieve them, or you can tie messages or pictures to the strings instead. This would look really lovely and is something completely different than she’s probably never seen before. You could use the number of balloons depending on how old she is, too.

Make them a big, special cake

One of the best ways to show you truly care is to put in some elbow grease and make a big effort. What could be a better way to do this than to make her a big birthday cake? It doesn’t matter if you’re not exactly Delia Smith – she’ll no doubt appreciate the thought and time you’ve taken to make it. Think about things that she loves and try to incorporate it into a cake. You can be as simple or as extravagant as you like! You can always turn to Pinterest for some inspiration (and help!).