Meal Planning Monday – 13th January

After last weeks weight loss success and the fact I have nothing to sabotage me this week I am going for some good old fashion slimming world friendly comfort food! I managed to get through the childrens party easy enough but I did fall foul on the naan bread on Friday but I suppose everyone is allowed a treat now and then and I am still on target for a good loss again this week so fingers crossed.

Dinner – Spaghetti Bolognese with salad (garlic bread for the kids and hubby)

Dinner – Pork steaks, mash and vegetables (sausages for the kids)

Dinner – Beef stew

Dinner – homemade chicken and vegetable curry and rice

Dinner – Jambalaya

Dinner – Chicken fajita wraps (wholemeal pitta breads for me)

Dinner – Fish Pie with vegetables

Lunches will be fairly basic with soups, mugshots, fat free yogurts and lots of fruit keeping me going throughout the day.

With this meal plan in place we don’t need to pick up much from the shops today so just a visit to the fruit and vegetable market, then some sausages
and the normal staples of bread, milk and ham for the girls packed lunches required. Saving most of our weekly budget for unforeseen expenses.

What will you be eating this week?