Ultimate Guide to Etsy Selling for Busy Moms

Are you a mom who decided to leave her job to take care of the kids? If you want to get involved with something to become financially independent, selling on Etsy might just be the solution.

As a busy mom, you can consider using Etsy to sell your products, even though you have to put in a lot of work. By setting up a shop and selling on Etsy, you can create a passive income for you and your family to rely on for some extra cash.

Why Should You Consider Selling on Etsy as a Busy Mom?

If you’re a mom, especially a busy one, then having a job and taking care of kids can be challenging. This can eventually force you to leave your job. However, a passive income through entrepreneurship in your free time can help support you financially and not cause a hindrance in taking care of the kids.

The thought of a passive income may be exciting. However, we suggest you consider that these will take a lot of work at the beginning to get started and functioning.

Setting Up a Shop on Etsy as a Busy Mom

Setting up a shop on Etsy is easy; even if you’re not the most technologically adept person, you can do it quickly. You need to visit the Etsy site, set up an account, and set your shop preferences. The shop preference section includes shop location, currency, and language.

When taking care of packaging, you can use digitally printed tape with custom designs and messages to send a personal touch to the customer. This can go a long way in ensuring that a person becomes a repeat customer.

Brandable Name for Shop

When choosing a name for your shop, refrain from choosing one that’s too common and already being used by someone else. Our advice is to choose a name for your shop related to the products you’re planning to sell.

The name should also be brandable, unique, and easy to remember. This means that a customer should recognize your store after just visiting once before and be able to find it easily from the hordes of stores currently on Etsy.

We hope that your creativity will take the spotlight here and come up with one of the best shop names currently on Etsy.

Choosing a Niche Market

After you’ve created your shop and set up its name, you must choose the type of products you would like to sell. Etsy allows sellers to sell a lot of things. However, the rule is that they need to be unique and handmade.

If you’re a person who has been knitting for a long time now and can knit a lot of stuff quickly, you can look to sell knitted goods. There are a lot of unique textiles you can make at home to get yourself started.

If you’re experienced in graphic design, you can look to sell printables or digital art in the form of templates, techniques, and whatnot. Let your creativity take the rudder and fly off to reach new heights.

Designing the Shop

You should start with creating a banner for the shop to complete an entire brand. Most people do not read or look at Etsy shop banners. They are very similar to logos.

After creating the banner, you need to take a look at the store’s branding. You can choose from many options, but we recommend you go with a “Who I am” branding style. Here you can bring your personality to establish trust with potential customers.

Taking Proper Photos of Products

Product Photography plays a more critical role in driving sales and converting visits to sales than most people think. If the photo doesn’t showcase the product properly, people might not be inclined to click on it while scrolling and decide to buy another product instead.

A good photo of the product portrays the item. It expresses crucial details regarding size, color, and materials. This ends up capturing both the intent and sentiment behind the product.

To better edit the photos, you can look to learning Adobe Lightroom, which can make your photos stand out.

Handling Logistics

To stand out against giants like Amazon, you need to take proper care of your logistics. Everything from processing and packaging products to choosing carriers for delivery. You will also need to create a schedule for answering customers and fulfilling orders.

If logistics seems too much for you to handle we recommend you consider using a third party. Nowadays, several have popped up that cater to Etsy sellers and can take a lot of the pressure off your shoulders.

Setting Up Billing

After you have dealt with the rest, you need to ensure that you have set up billing to get the money from sales. After deducting Etsy fees, you can use Etsy payments to deposit the funds into your account automatically.

Final Words

We have covered everything there’s to say regarding Etsy selling for busy moms. It can be a little discerning with all the articles on the internet on how to earn money as a stay-at-home mom.

Therefore, we’ve created this article to meet the needs of busy moms looking to make some money. Although selling on Etsy won’t make you super rich, it can be a great source of passive income to help around the house.