Discovery with Three – Exploring, Learning and Enjoying Lightroom

A few weeks ago I headed to London for the day to visit the Discovery zone at the Three Oxford Street Store to learn more about using Lightroom on my mobile phone. Three covered the cost of my travel to the store but did not pay me to attend.

Three have a Discovery Zone at four different stores across the UK in Oxford Street, Islington, Maidenhead and Swansea. They offer a range of free courses out of these stores from real beginner sessions to deeper understanding of apps. Suitable for small businesses or members of the public the sessions that they host are really varied and you are bound to find one suitable for you.

The session I went to was to learn more about the Lightroom mobile app. Lightroom is a free app that allows you to edit photos easily. Our tutor was really knowledgeable and talked us through the app clearly ensuring that we all understood each element before moving on to the next part. I was really surprised at how much I learnt in just a few hours and our time even included a cool photo walk in the local area.

Below I am going to share just a few of the things I learnt during the session

1 – You can take photos within the Lightroom app

The Lightroom app allows you to use automatic or pro settings. This is really good if you have a mobile phone that doesn’t allow you to change settings in the native camera app.

2 – Before taking photos in the app you can adjust your settings

By taking photos within the app you can actually change the settings and see how they will affect your shot before you take it. To me, this is a game changer as it will seriously cut the editing time of photos. Check out the pictures below. The first one was taken without me changing any settings and the second one after a few quick adjustments. Neither is perfect but I thought it really shows the difference.

3 – Editing photos can be really quick and make a big difference

I have to say that I am really lax at editing photos yet I take most of my photos on my phone. This event taught me that I can make my photos look amazing after just a small amount of effort and it has certainly changed how I view the photos on my phone as potential masterpieces. Both of these photos look very different

4 – You can create your own presets within the app

If you want all of your photos to look similar on your Insta feed then you can create your own personal preset. This means that you can use it as a filter to quickly edit your photos and make them fit with your feed.

I really enjoyed learning more about Lightroom with Discovery at Three and I wish they had one of their discovery zones closer to me as I would definitely book on to more of their sessions.