Turkey here we come! Well when I figure out what to pack anyway

I can’t believe it is only one week until we will be flying to Turkey for another fabulous Mark Warner holiday. I have been looking forward to this holiday a lot but it struck me this morning that I have not even started to get prepared.

Normally I am a control freak with everything organised and lots of lists but apart from our visas, insurance and passports I have hardly thought about what else we will need.

Luckily for me I have written a few holiday themed blog posts in the past including a what to take on holiday post which I am going to use to write my packing list.

Apart from the standard clothes/swimming stuff that you need to take I am going to pack the below. Let me know if I have forgotten anything.

Hold Luggage

Sun Cream/ After sun
Wet Wipes
Pull ups for night time
Cuddly toys
Laptops and chargers
Beach towels
Plug Adapters
Camera and Charger
Sun glasses
Chargers for things in hand luggage

Hand Luggage

Entertainment bags for the kids
Change of clothes
Wet wipes
Travel documents
boiled sweets
travel sickness