Travelling abroad with Three Mobile

When we headed to Florida last month I was in a bit of a panic about our mobile phone bills. There were 5 of us going who use smart phones and we knew that there was no way we would be able to cope with just WiFi and we would end up facing huge charges. If I used my contract for calls, texts or the internet it would cost me £5 a day and with the holiday lasting 14 days it was going to get expensive. Thankfully Three Mobile came to the rescue. Three mobile allow you to use your phone at no extra cost in their feel at home destinations and that isn’t restricted to their contract customers. Three mobile sent me three different phones for us to use and some pay as you go sim cards for all of us to use.

The Three Mobile sim cards came pre-loaded with £20 which we were able to use for phone calls, text messages or data whilst we were in Florida. This meant I was able to post pictures onto Instagram and catch lots of Pokemon!

As well as the sim cards we were also sent three different smart phones to use. We were sent the Huawei P9, the Samsung S7 and the iPhone 7. As an avid Android fan I decided to test myself and use the iPhone 7. My husband took the Huawei P9 and my mum used the Samsung S7.

My mum has a Samsung S6 as her everyday phone so the S7 wasn’t that different but she did comment on how much better the camera was compared to the S6 and it lasted a lot longer before she needed to charge it. On paper it looks like the S7 camera at 12mp is worse than the S6 which was 16mp but the S7 has increased the size of each pixel which lets in more light and produces less noise in the photos. The S7 also has a better lens and a faster autofocus thanks to the dual-pixel sensor.

Photo taken on a Samsung S7

The Huawei P9 is the cheapest model out of the three and although it looks good and it features a Leica camera, the display and the slower running system means that unfortunately it just doesn’t compare to the S7 and the iPhone 7.

Now onto the iPhone 7. Firstly I hated it. The difference between android and iOS systems drove me mad but after a while I started to love it. The camera is really good and the iOS system runs smoothly and is really intuitive once I had stopped fight it. I was really impressed with the iPhone 7 and I can see why so many people love them but I also love my Samsung S8 which is what I use when in the UK. I think when I have to upgrade next time I will definitely have to consider switching to whatever the current iPhone is at the time but until then I am happy with what I have.

One thing that I was interested in was the difference in the picture quality from the cameras of these three phones so we all took a photo of the Hogwarts castle in Universal Islands of adventures. Check out the results below and make up your own mind on which camera you think worked best.

Photo taken with the iPhone 7
Photo taken with the Huawei P9
Photo taken with the Samsung S7

Huge thanks to Three Mobile for sending us the sim cards and for lending us these phones to enable us to capture all of our adventures on our holiday.