Tips for buying a used car

When it comes to buying a new car there are lots of things to think about. There is also the choice that you have to make about buying a new car, or a used car instead.

There are so many places that you can go to buy a used car, that it can be hard to know where to go, and what you should be looking for and asking when you get there.

Here are some things to think about.

Tips on choosing the dealer/outlet

If you are buying a used car and you have decided that you want to buy it from a dealer or a larger outlet then look to see if they are part of a trade association or follow a code of practice. When you are choosing your dealer, ask people you know and trust to see who they recommend that you could use and get a good deal with.

Things to do before you get there

Before you go, it might be wise to go with a make and model of car in mind. That way, you can do your research into how much it will be worth what the car tax and insurance will cost. If you have kids, decide in advance if you are going to take them with you or not when you go to try the cars out. It might also be a good idea to take any buggies or large items that you would usually carry with you so that you can see if it will fit easily into the boot.

Questions to ask when you get there

When you get there, ask if the vehicle that you want to buy has been independently checked by an independent person or organisation. Ask about the car history and if the dealer has any details about it, such as has it been involved in an accident. Also, check that it hasn’t been written off or stolen. Look at the number of miles on the clock and see if the car matches the description that you were given of it before you saw it. Always ask for a test drive before you commit to buying a car so that you can check that you feel confident driving it first. If you do not feel very confident, then take someone with you who may ask the questions you do not think of.