The real Santa! Portable north pole

We love using the Portable North Pole website to create videos for the girls each year and they always seem to get better each year. After visiting Lapland the other week to meet the Real Santa I wasn’t sure how much Elizabeth would appreciate the PNP video and was very surprised to see that it is in fact the same Santa!
It really made it more real for her after meeting him to receive the video from him and it was even more fun to create one for Daddy placing him on the naughty list. There are lots of different videos and accessories that you can buy and this year I did buy the premium versions which allowed us to include photos from our holidays and days out as well as extending the video to around 6 minutes. You can also get some great accessories from letters, colouring books and story books that help increase the magic even more.

Now you know that it is actually the real Santa from Lapland Finland make sure you make a video or your little people (or big people too). After all we all need something magical this Christmas and what is more magical than the Real Father Christmas?