Things to do before I am 30

I recently wrote about my new years promises and some goals for 2013 but it got me thinking, I turn thirty next year, have I lived my life to its full potential?

I jumped on google and came up with some articles from the Independent and the Standard and they were complete crap. Apparently, I should have had a threesome, been completely irresponsible and holidayed in the Caribbean. In fact every single list I found was a load of rubbish.

I feel as though I have achieved a lot in my life, some of the things that spring to mind are below.

1) Never moved back into my parents house
2) seen the northern lights
3) traveled across the country with no money
4) Set up my own business
5) got married
6) been on TV
7) featured in a tabloid newspaper
8) been in a magazine
9) Had kids
10) Got a professional qualification
11) Been to a festival
12) seen my favourite comedian live
13) seen my favourite bands live
14) learnt to drive
15) Traveled by air, sea and land
16) Seen dolphins in the wild (and whales and seals)

So what have been some of your highlights, what do you think I should try and do before I am thirty?