The start of maintenance

Has it really been 9 weeks already! But has it really only been 9 weeks? Its been such a tough 9 weeks that it has gone so fast and yet so slow as well but we have done it we have finally got to the stage where things are going to get a bit easier.

Elizabeth has now completed her Induction cycle and her first Intensification cycle and it means that the next 10 weeks will be a lot nicer to her. We have a week off now, no chemotherapy for a whole week and then we will only have oral chemotherapy every day apart from once every 4 weeks when she will have an injection into wiggle. This hopefully means that by Christmas she will be a bit stronger and able to really enjoy our break at Butlins.

We got rid of our car at the weekend, we stretched it out as long as we could but there really was no getting around the fact that we just couldn’t afford to keep running it when I cant work and we are not getting any help from the government.

I thought I would put together a few photos that show Elizabeth during her journey so far, I don’t have many photos as she doesn’t like us taking pictures of her but I can really see the difference in how she looks. She is almost back up to the weight she was when she went into hospital and she is starting to be stronger physically. She also wants to do stuff and play with toys which she hadn’t wanted to do in a long time. It is great to have my daughter back even if she is a more shouty, opinionated version than she was before.