The Meaning of Dreams #Dreaming

I am not the sort of person who remembers dreams but Gaming Daddy of Two always has weird ones so I was very interested by this infographic that explains some of the common dreams that people have. Its always made sense to me that your dreams help you to make sense of what is happening in your life but sometimes the visual representations surprise me. For a bit of fun research I decided to look in a dream dictionary for some of my favourite things in life.

Wine – Wine suggests the potential for spiritual abundance and highlights our capability of using what we harvest to give fun and happiness. We are able to use the sum of our experiences to make something fine and new.

Beach – The sea usually suggests emotion, so in dreams to be on a beach shows our awareness of the boundary between emotion and reality, our ability to be in touch with the elements.

Sun – The sun in dreams suggests happiness, warmth and conscious awareness.

I couldn’t find chocolate in the dream dictionary I was using otherwise I would have added that too.

Do you have vivid dreams? What is the thing you dream about most?