Mega Bloks Halo UNSC Anti-Armour Cobra


It’s no secret that our family are huge fans of building Lego sets, so we assumed that it would be the same experience to have a go at building this Mega Bloks Halo Anti-Armour Cobra vehicle.  How wrong we were!  When building Lego sets we always find it’s a massive comfort to have all the pieces for different parts in the same transparent bags (and clearly labelled with the appropriate number).  Also, the instructions are easy to follow because each section is broken down into small easy digestible chunks.  With the Mega Bloks Halo set Hubby was constantly complaining that the instructions were hard to follow and the pieces were scattered amongst many different bags.  If you’re going to construct this Mega Bloks set you’re going to need 3 things; patience, a big space to build and lots of spare time.

To be honest we’re probably being too overly critical of this Mega Bloks set.  It is one of the biggest sets in the Halo range, so I think we bit off more than we could chew, and it seems that we’ve been on ‘Easy Street’ building Lego sets for the last few years.  After spending nearly 4 hours sat on the living room floor, Hubby finally completed the Anti-Armour Cobra vehicle.  I don’t think he’s used to building something like this for that amount of time, which is probably why he was complaining so much, but in the end he was very pleased with his creation and complemented how strong the build quality felt.

Another cool addition was the turret mounted light gun, with working sounds and lights.  Any Halo fan is going to love this set but it is definitely a labour of love.  With 460 pieces to sort once you’ve opened the box, it’s certain test any child or adult’s perseverance.  Our completed set now sits proudly on Hubby’s window sill for display purpose only.