The Gallery Week 156

This is my first ever Gallery post! I know I have been blogging for over two years and I have always meant to join in but now hubby is at home to take up some of the slack I have promised myself I will be a better blogger. I will read more, comment more and take part more. Starting with The Sticky Fingers Gallery.

Week 156’s theme is Back to School which is an easy one this week as I managed to capture this gorgeous picture of the girls yesterday morning. It is a very poignant moment for me because last year I missed Alison’s first day at school. I wasn’t there to buy her uniform or wave goodbye at the gates because I was in the hospital caring for Elizabeth. I look back now and feel guilty that I missed such an important step in my baby girls life. I missed her 3rd Birthday, I missed her first day at school and I missed a whole month of her life. Things I can never get back. Both my girls going to school together yesterday was a brilliant sign of things to come.


Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery