Tennis for Kids – How and Why you should get involved #TennisForKids

Last year we took part in the Lawn Tennis Associations Tennis for Kids programme where both of my girls attended six weeks worth of free tennis sessions at a local park. These sessions helped to introduce them to tennis and gave them a love of sports that they had not had before this time. The great news is that these free tennis sessions are back again this year and I highly recommend that you sign up as soon as you can to get your kids involved.

Once you have found a great course near you there are a few things that you will need to take into consideration so here are my five top tips to ensure that you all have a great time.

Check the weather – The sessions will take place come rain or shine (unless you receive a message otherwise) so you need to be prepared for the weather. During our six week course last year we had blistering sunshine, rain and even a bit of frost. By dressing appropriately and being prepared meant that the girls still enjoyed their session and I wasn’t stood drenched on the sidelines.

Sensible shoes – As well as actually learning how to hit the ball, the kids will also be taking part in a variety of other exercises to warm them up and stretch them out. Making sure that they had appropriate footwear for running and jumping was really important.

Take a drink – After all of that exercise your kids will be thirsty, make sure you take a bottle of water with you for them to drink when they need it. This is even more important when the weather is really sunny.

Be Organised – I found that the hardest thing about these sessions for me was getting to the venue on time after school. However once we got in the swing of preparing the clothes and everything we needed in the morning then it meant that getting changed and heading out was easy. Choose a session that is at a suitable time and venue that means you can get there easily and make sure you leave with enough time to travel so you are not stressing out about getting there.

Be Prepared – If your kids are anything like mine then they will go from never touching a racket to absolutely loving the game of tennis. As soon as they were given their free rackets at the end of the six week course we were being dragged to our local courts to play. They even made us adults buy rackets so we could play as a family of four. Tennis is a sport that is suitable for most people to play and it really brought us together as a family. When not playing at the park, my girls were bouncing tennis balls on their rackets in the garden and they have already stated that they can’t wait to get them out again when the sun starts to shine.

So there you go, my five top tips to enjoy your free Lawn Tennis Association Tennis for Kids sessions. I really hope these help you and do let me know if you book on to a course and how your kids get on.

I’m working with the Lawn Tennis Association and BritMums in a paid relationship, showcasing the FREE tennis sessions for children you can take up at your local club. Book your sessions now!

7 thoughts on “Tennis for Kids – How and Why you should get involved #TennisForKids”

  1. This is such a fab initiative, it’s so important to have kids play sport and I love this gentle introduction for them to tennis. I’ve signed mine up, they can’t wait!

  2. So pleased the LTA is bringing back Tennis For Kids and on a larger scale, it’s such a brilliant initiative. Poppy did it last year too and also had a great time. Love that you get LTA coaching and it’s all free.

  3. That’s brilliant that the girls’ love of tennis after their course led to you all getting rackets and playing as a family! It’s such a versatile sport in that anyone of any age and ability can play!

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