Super School Uniform from TU Clothing Sainsburys

Having two girls with very different personalities and taste in clothes becomes very difficult when it comes to school uniform. Officially they should look the same so how do you make them feel that there personality shines through when they are wearing their school uniform and also how do you tell the difference when doing the washing without having to check the labels?

Luckily Elizabeth only wears skirts and Alison only wears trousers so I had no problem there and thanks to Sainsburys TU clothing I have now found the solution to my shirt problem. Elizabeth absolutely loves these girly blouses.
The cut and embroidery detail on these blouses is fantastic and Elizabeth loves the pocket detail too.

We were sent a £50 voucher from Sainsburys as part of their Back to School campaign to buy the girls school uniform and I managed to pick up quite a lot. Our main issue is making sure the girls look good going to school everyday rather than just in the first week and with that in mind I thought i would share with you some of my secret tips.

Firstly I always keep a brand new set of uniform back for School Picture day. After Picture day it goes into normal uniform circulation.

Secondly I make sure we have enough shirts to have one each day for a whole week. This means 5 shirts per child but seen as they are fairly cheap and come in multipacks this is not normally a problem.

Thirdly I was all the shirts in stain remover one a month. This brightens them and tries to remove whatever stain Alison has managed to get on her shirts during arts and crafts and the bolognese stains that Elizabeth is bound to have got dripped down the front of hers.

Fourth I never ever buy pleated skirts. Ever. Pleats are the worst thing to iron and soon look awful because we can never get them lined up properly again.

Fifth School trousers should be stretchy with no seam, this also usually means no ironing which is a bonus.

Do you have any other tips to make School Uniform stay looking good or handy tricks to tell the kids clothes apart at a glance?

Sainsburys also have some other back to school tips such as perfecting the morning routine and tips for labelling school uniform.