Mark Warner Holidays Childcare

Mark Warner holidays are in gorgeous settings with amazing facilities but what really makes the holidays special are the inclusive child care hours.
With Alison in Mini Club, Elizabeth in Juniors and my little brother Michael in Indy club I feel that we got a really good idea about what the childcare is all about.You see I don’t believe the childcare is there to give the grown ups a break (although it obviously does that), I believe it is there to give the children the best holiday experience they could ever have.

Mini Club

Alison was given a free half a day in Mini Club and we decided to put her in mornings. I Mini Club they had a set room near the hotel green with the play area and Olly the octopus pool . They spent the sessions playing games, doing crafts, playing outside or in the pool. They also went to the waterfront twice in the week, once to do sailing and once to do windsurfing. The Mini clubs windsurfing took place in the shallow swimming area of the beach.

Junior Club

Elizabeth was in Juniors which enabled her to attend mornings and afternoons with a two hour break for lunch. We didn’t put her in all day every day but a few days she actually asked to go back in the afternoons. This meant that we were able to spend some one on one time with Alison which was fabulous. She particularly loved being able to go in the pool with her friends to play games. Juniors went to the waterfront every day to take part in sailing, windsurfing, sea swimming or pontoon fun which involved jumping in and having in the sea.

Indy Club

At 14 Michael was one of the youngest in Indy Club and he didn’t spend a huge amount of time with them however he did take advantage of the organised waterfront activities such as sailing, windsurfing, kayaking and pontoon fun as well as swimming pool games such as water polo. Indy Club had a chance to eat together at Breakfast and Dinner and also spent the day together playing various games, chatting and getting to know each other. We saw a lot of friendships being formed and even a few holiday romances blossom which is great for the teenagers especially under the watchful eyes of the Mark Warner staff. Being able to come and go meant that Michael was free to enjoy his holiday the way he wanted which involved lots of swimming, snorkeling and a huge hike around Bodrum with Gaming Daddy of Two.

Not only are the days full of fun but Mark Warner also provides a listening service for the younger children which involves a film each night before they go to sleep and for the older ones they have evenings full of entertainment. You can collect the kids up until 11pm which means there is even a chance for the grown ups to enjoy a bit of me time in the evenings.All of these fabulous clubs and more make Mark Warner Childcare about making your holidays the most amazing experiences for the whole family. All of the childcare staff including the childcare manager were always smiling, happy and attentive and you felt like they were family before the week was out.

When your kids ask to go to childcare it is a feeling like no other.