Summer Fun

I find myself thinking about the positives in life. No matter what happens there is always a positive. Sometimes you just have to look a little harder to find one.

With Elizabeth ill and me unable to work I have found one positive that I am really looking forward to is spending the school holidays with the girls. I am especially looking forward to the summer holidays. 7 long weeks of fun filled adventure.

I am trying to plan things to do, obviously we have our Merlin Passes so we will be putting those to good use but I am wondering what else would make this a summer to remember.

Elizabeth should have wiggle out by then so I am wondering on whether a family holiday abroad could be at idea. She really wants to go on a plane but Hubby won’t have enough days off work to come with us and I am not sure I could take both girls on a plane by myself.

We already have holidays booked to Butlins in April, June and September and a holiday to Pontins too but apart from holidays what sort of activities do you think would be a good way to spend the holidays.

We have a lovely garden so picnics are always a hit in the nice weather and we love doing chalk drawings on the drive way or visiting country parks but what about the rainy days?

I want to create enough activities to do one a day over the course of the holidays.

Do you have a favourite summer holiday activity I can include?