Sleep is for the weak

It’s amazing how much your brain forgets in times of stress. When Elizabeth was in the hospital she had lots of things going on and I always focused on the worst ones.

When Elizabeth started complaining of back ache yesterday I put it down to the aches and pains caused by her chemotherapy. It was only after the pain killers didn’t help that I remembered that she suffered from constipation and trapped wind in the hospital. An excrusiating pain like no other we have tried all sorts to take it away.

A sleepless night spent on the sofa with her and she is still in pain this morning. Codeine and paracetamol are not working so we are going to head back to the hospital today for the third time this week for some more medicines and hopefully we can get this sorted and get her comfortable again.

I am sure she just had lactulose and movicol when she was in hospital, well that and morphine. So hopefully it won’t be too hard to get her put right. It is awful as a parent seeing your child in pain and knowing that you can’t do anything about it. Lots of cuddles and sympathy is about the best I can do and that just doesnt seem good enough.

For now I look like a zombie and feel like one too. Lets hope she gets this under control and that tonight is a better night.