Stuff it!

Can you imagine having a nose that measures 8.8cm? According to this fabulous infographic from Otrivine that is the size of the worlds longest nose. I dread to think how much snot could be stored in there.

I don’t know about you but the worst illness for me is a stuffed up nose, I get horrendous sinus pain and it even affects my vision when really bad. I find that it is unfortunately one of those problems that can not be treated by taking a tablet. In the past I have used Sterimar as a temporary measure to try to flush out my nostrils but it has never worked as well as I wished or for very long either.  Having two kids means that the flow of germs into our house in pretty much constant and at least one of us will have some type of bug at all times and the most consistent one has to be a runny nose!

With a healthy nose creating one litre of mucus every day no wonder we feel rubbish when it stops working like it should. Now that I have been introduced to Otrivine I am almost looking forward to trying it, obviously that would mean having a dreadful head cold so I am not looking forward to it that much but the idea of a nasal spray that helps slow down the production of mucus as well as clear the nostrils seems like a dream come true. Anything that can slow down these little germs is brilliant to me!


Mucus Monster

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