Step into the adventure with @SkyMovies #MovieMe #spon

When it comes to Christmas cards I am a bit of a scrooge. In fact I absolutely detest them. They make my living room look a mess, they hurt my hand to write them and most of them will only end up in the rubbish bin (although hopefully in the recycling).

However I do like to wish people a Merry Christmas and thanks to @SkyMovies I can now do that in style with the launch of their online Christmas #MovieMe card creator. This fantastic idea allows you to create your own photo Christmas cards and star in some of the biggest family films available on Sky Movies this Christmas.

There are four movies to choose from with a variety of designs so it is tricky to know which one to create first. The four movies are Frozen, The LEGO® Movie, The Amazing Spider-Man 2  and Disney’s Muppets Most Wanted. It is really simple to use and you just load your picture and it automatically places it in the best place for that particular image. You can add your name to truly personalise it and to make it even better you can share it, download it, print it or even ask Sky to post you 3 copies (only one posted set per household).

Sky Movies got in touch to ask me if we wanted to step into the adventure to create our very own personalised Christmas cards featuring our favourite Movie characters. Well as soon as I saw they had included both Frozen and Spiderman I jumped at the chance as I knew the girls would love it. 

Elizabeth absolutely loved posing for a photo ad chose to be with Elsa in her card although she did try some of the other designs out too.

There was no doubt at all that Alison would have to be under the mask in this fantastic The Amazing Spider-Man 2 card. She also loved the Lego Movie cards but this was her favourite.
As for a family card we had to opt for Olaf. This was the only card that allowed four pictures but also we all love Olaf and it just looks so pretty.
We had so much fun making these and with the four family films available all on Sky Movies throughout the Christmas period we can keep the fun and adventures going.

I am really looking forward to watching Muppets Most Wanted on 19th December as Hubby took the girls to see that at the cinema without me. If you haven’t already seen them or like me you enjoy watching  them so much you cant wait to see them again then you can watch The LEGO® Movie on Christmas Eve and Frozen on Christmas Day. To top it all of New Year’s Day is sorted and Alison and I will sit down for a snuggle in front of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, finish of the rest of the Christmas chocolates and start the new year in style.

All of the movies available for Movie Me also feature in Sky’s Christmas advert, which follows a family as they are transported through the famous movie worlds in a magical adventure. Watch Sky’s Step into the Adventure advert below and then step into your own adventure by creating your Movie Me cards